Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
C Spot Go 333100%MT
C W Dreamcatcher 111100%ID
C'Est Exact 1000%KY
Cache In 77571%AB
Cactus Creole 2017945%CA
Cadillac Ranch 41125%VA
Cafe Mocha 222100%
Cahill Road 47282655%WA
Cairo 111100%TX
Cajun Bandit 33133%NC
Cajun Jack 111100%AL
Caldiero 5000%TX
Call Again 2000%MD
Call Me Cat 1100%NM
Call to Account 1000%PA
Caller I. D. 64514367%PA
Caller Unknown 55480%NE
Callous Doughboy 32133%MT
Calypso Poet 22150%IA
Cam a Rhett 9000%NY
Came Home 102968179%KY
Camp Izard 6200%OH
Can't Be Slew 98667%OR
Canadian Kid 33133%GA
Canaveral 168638%KY
Candi's Gold 21151152%CA
Candid Cameron 54480%AB
Candlemint 222100%MN
Cannon Zana 1000%OK
Cantcatchmickey 111100%LA
Canvas 86675%OH
Canyon Creek (IRE) 1310538%ON
Canyon Run 1310862%IL
Cap Badgett 111100%AB
Cape Canaveral 63534876%KY
Cape Cod 15121280%PR
Cape Storm 30181240%IA
Cape Town 66534264%KY
Capitalimprovement 61117%TX
Capitol South 62233%TX
Capote 80685164%KY
Capote's Gone 115545%LA
Capote's Promise 139754%CO
Capote's Prospect 1813950%TX
Captain Bash 1000%ID
Captain Bodgit 25151352%NY
Captain Capasso 111100%DE
Captain Capote 53240%PA
Captain Collins (IRE) 19131158%BC
Captain Countdown 51342651%TX
Captain Sunburst 2000%OR
Captive Force 4000%NE
Captive Possession 111100%TX
Capture the Gold 26161350%FL
Caracal 179741%NM
Caracey 9000%AR
Carlisle Bay 20161680%TX
Carmen's Baby 104440%ID
Carmen's Glory 157640%NM
Carnivalay 2314730%MD
Carnovali 21000%LA
Carolina Kid 5516713%KY
Caros Love 44375%AZ
Carr Tech 52240%TX
Carrie's Shadow 111100%KY
Carry My Colors 1511853%NY
Carson City 101947877%KY
Cartwright 89764955%IL
Casanova Star 29261759%PR
Cascadian 1511853%OR
Case the Joint 2200%IL
Casey On Deck 128867%AL
Cash Deposit 39241744%CO
Castine 35201749%WV
Castle Arms 132215%AB
Castle Cove 21150%VA
Castle Howard 99667%ND
Cat Country 64350%MD
Cat Creek Slew 154213%IL
Cat Doctor 64467%KY
Cat in Town 43375%MI
Cat Power 229523%IN
Cat Strike 18151056%TX
Cat Thief 90867482%KY
Cat'amine 111100%VA
Cat's At Home 80615265%ON
Cat's Career 33242267%PA
Cat's Debut 1911947%IA
Cat's Spats 22150%OH
Catahoula Parish 77571%ON
Catastrophe 64350%WV
Catastrophic 134323%IL
Catchin Air 32133%OK
Catchmyshadow 111100%OH
Category Five 128867%CA
Cathexis 111100%CO
Cathy's Regal Son 222100%MI
Catienus 1171069581%KY
Catillac 51120%NM
Catonie Choke 1100%NM
Catrail 2200%KY
Cats and Dogs 82225%CO
Cattin 111100%TN
Cause for Pause 54240%LA
Cautious 83338%OH
Cee's Tizzy 57474579%CA
Ceejay 21150%MI
Cefis 3000%
Cellic Mist 111100%MN
Center Cut 111100%WA
Ceramal 21150%PR
Certain 1000%AR
Cesar T. 2000%TX
Chain of Command 82225%NM
Chalmondilly 3000%FL
Champagne Prince (GB) 21150%AZ
Chanate 21181467%AZ
Chance Fab 4000%AZ
Chancery Court 119873%AZ
Change Takes Time 128758%LA
Change to Cash 3000%MS
Chapel Creek 53240%AB
Chapman's Charge 1000%MO
Charger Pride 111100%OK
Charles Bridge 13000%KY
Charleys Gamble 75571%OK
Charlie's Orphan 3000%IA
Chatelain (ARG) 5000%CA
Chaycon (VEN) 2000%NY
Chazerahy 134431%OK
Chelsey Cat 19171158%NC
Chenin Blanc 96333%VA
Cherokee Colony 14131286%CA
Cherokee Dan 15000%OK
Cherokee Five 112218%OK
Cherokee Lover 1000%CA
Cherokee Run 1321068867%KY
Cherokee Runaway 99778%TX
Cherokee Saga 64467%IL
Chester House 12711410079%KY
Chicago Six 19131158%IL
Chickamauga Trail 77686%KY
Chidester 3000%OK
Chief Contractor 1000%UT
Chief Hortensia 4000%KY
Chief Kris 65583%OK
Chief Prospect 3100%OH
Chief Seattle 1221058368%KY
Chief Slew 1000%WA
Chief Three Sox 66467%TX
Chief's Reward 1511640%OK
Chime Time (GB) 2200%CA
Chimes Band 63211422%NM
Chimineas 1010880%CA
China Ruckus 54360%ON
Chinaco 94222%IL
Chinati 41125%LA
Chinese Gold 189633%MB
Chisos 2310313%ID
Chivalrous (FR) 42125%IL
Choosing Choice 20161365%LA
Chopin 75571%AZ
Christmas Storm 32267%OK
Chuck's Bro 3000%TX
Chullo (ARG) 19181789%CA
Ciano Cat 41292459%AB
Ciderbar 44375%OK
Cien Fuegos 129975%TX
Cimarron Secret 16000%FL
Cinnamon Creek 25161352%AR
Circulating 26161246%MB
Circus Surprise 66583%MI
Cisco Road 29141241%WA
Cisco's Pleasure 41125%OK
Citi by the Bay 3000%OR
Citibanker 1000%CA
Citidancer 48322042%MD
Citislipper 107550%WV
City by Night 29241862%IL
City Council (IRE) 31133%TX
City Street 199947%TX
City Zip 101655958%NY
Civilisation 54363157%WV
Clash by Night 48292246%PA
Class of His Own 2100%NJ
Classic Account 4200%IL
Classic Alliance 99889%LA
Classic Cat 18121056%FL
Classic Chrys 137754%UT
Classic Copper 111100%VA
Classic Punch 2000%UT
Classified Facts 48262348%IL
Classy Prospector 28211243%IN
Claudius 93333%TX
Clear Course 2200%MI
Clearfield 111100%KS
Clearly Awesome 62117%AR
Clemensa 111100%RI
Clever Allemont 1000%KS
Clever Champ 3300%MD
Clever Gold 3000%CA
Clever Matthew 111100%IN
Clever Return 108440%TX
Clever Trick 38292361%KY
Cliffty Falls 111100%NM
Clock Radio 8000%MI
Close Up 217524%NJ
Closing Fast 4000%AB
Cloud Cover 58372441%FL
Cloud Hopping 56423359%FL
Cloud's Forty Four 1000%PA
Clure 17141376%CA
Coarsegold Creek 1000%
Coastal Storm 40302768%PA
Coastal Voyage 138862%ID
Coax Me Chad 11219%OH
Coaxing Matt 83338%OK
Cobra King 17111059%CA
Coburgs Slew 2000%OR
Cockpit 75229%SC
Coconut Grove (COL) 31133%UT
Code One 98778%KY
Code Talker 21150%TN
Code Word R. 3000%TN
Codys Key 14131179%ND
Cognizant 555100%MB
Cohiba 18121056%FL
Cohoes Native 8000%AB
Cold Bid 54240%TX
Cold Hearted Man 86450%TX
Cold n Calculating 111100%CA
Colebrook Jet 1000%ON
Collateral 1000%ID
Collateral Attack 1110873%MI
Collection Agent 4000%PA
College Green 2000%OR
Collegian 43375%OK
Colonel Bradley 104440%IN
Colonel Gay 1000%NM
Colonel Mosby 3000%KY
Colonel Stevens 111100%WA
Colony Key 104440%OH
Colony Light 56474377%FL
Colorful Crew 3100%FL
Colossus 14300%IN
Colway Rally (GB) 2100%AB
Comanche Slew 71114%TX
Combat Ready 44375%LA
Come Bet 3100%OK
Come in Sunshine 3000%FL
Come Summer 52120%MN
Comedian 73229%IL
Comeonmom 666100%NY
Comet Shine 22161673%CA
Comic Strip 109877165%CA
Commanchero 84665363%TX
Commander B C 2000%AR
Commandperformance 11000%WA
Commemorate 21131152%IN
Commendable 95716467%KY
Commitisize 96556%LA
Commitment 378822%CA
Committee Chairman 66350%IA
Community Interest 111100%NJ
Compadre 58252340%ON
Compelling Sound 118873%CA
Composer 1812739%KY
Con Artist 112218%NM
Con Fool 31133%TX
Concern 35191440%MD
Concerto 118857059%FL
Concorde Cal 11000%OK
Concorde's Future 111100%MA
Concorde's Tune 46322248%FL
Confederate Hero 53120%OK
Confide 1712953%KY
Confider 1000%TX
Confirmed Bachelor 5400%TX
Connecticut 55480%IA
Connecting Terms 62233%TX
Conquer 97667%TX
Conquering Romeo 21150%TX
Conquista Fager 64233%FL
Conquistador Deoro 30171550%CO
Conquistarico 21150%FL
Conroe 53360%TX
Conscience Clear 27201556%IN
Consigliere (GB) 3200%WA
Constant Demand 2000%LA
Constant Escort 42250%WV
Conte Di Savoya 29231138%IL
Contemplate 148857%PA
Contested Colors 126542%LA
Continue to Fire 2000%CA
Cool Cat 83225%OK
Cool Groom 96667%ON
Cool Halo 4100%BC
Cool Quaker 18116%OH
Cool Seal Kid 32133%NE
Coordinator 239730%OK
Copelan Too 86563%WV
Copelan's Pache 23141148%NM
Copper Man 22150%FL
Cordeeva 87450%OK
Cordova 52240%AZ
Cork (FR) 21150%CA
Cornish Snow 1310969%AR
Coronado's Quest 82786478%KY
Corporate Report 129867%PA
Corroborator 3000%NY
Corslew 16151594%CA
Corwyn 18131372%LA
Corwyn's Boy 1000%CO
Couch King George 2100%MI
Could Be Me 6000%IN
Coulon Kid 111100%TX
Count Classic 2000%KY
Count Mein Too 32267%OR
Count On Kris 2000%FL
Count On Steve 97556%PA
Count the Deposit 31133%TX
Count the Time 21161467%KY
Country Side 3100%TX
Country Squire 75343%NY
Country Store 44250%AR
Courtney's Native 75571%TX
Courtside 2000%TX
Coverallbases 74343%CO
Covered Wagon 111100%OH
Cowboy Comet 3000%NE
Cowboy King 33133%IL
Cox's Time 33133%AR
Coz 666100%WA
Cozar 99889%KY
Cozy Drive 159853%NY
Cozzene 63544978%KY
Cracker's Folly 1000%ON
Crafty 15121173%TX
Crafty Dude 129758%FL
Crafty Friend 81625365%KY
Crafty Harold 159853%CO
Crafty Motion 111100%FL
Crafty Private 2000%WV
Crafty Prospector 59 (1)443763%KY
Crafty Ridan 88563%SD
Creation Song 33267%NM
Creative 1510853%MI
Creative Account 3000%MN
Creative Act 85563%WV
Creditworthy 75114%MN
Cresta Powered 4000%OR
Cresting Water 1100%TX
Crimcino 55360%CA
Crimelord 3000%AB
Crimson Classic 76686%IL
Crimson Guard 106550%NY
Cromwell 32267%CA
Cross City 2000%FL
Crowd Pleaser 37292568%MD
Crown Ambassador 64553859%IN
Crown Attorney 58332543%ON
Crown Pleasure 65467%FL
Crown's Wish 1100%NY
Crowning Season (GB) 8100%SD
Crowning Storm 59403559%CA
Croydon 76571%AR
Crucial 1000%ON
Cruisin' Dixie 86450%MD
Crusader Sword 137646%NY
Crusader's Song 31133%ID
Crusading Light 1000%OH
Crush 42250%SC
Crypto Star 40281948%MD
Cryptoclearance 105 (1)877672%KY
Cryptoleen 111100%MD
Crystal Candletree 21150%AK
Crystal Gazer 1910526%UT
Crystal Gulch 43125%MB
Crystal Pistol 2000%ON
Cuarto Bate 32133%PR
Currentsville Lane 111100%KY
Cut Me In 1000%PA
Cutladdy's Champ 2000%MD
Cutlass Fax 32267%FL
Cutlass Reality 111100%CA
Cuzzin Jeb 55360%OK
Cyber Rage 33267%KS
Cyberspace 74473953%FL
Czar Nijinsky 42250%MO