Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Naevus 44282148%TX
Naevus Star 94333%CA
Nahuel 2100%WA
Name for Norm 111100%BC
Naroctive 81113%OK
Nasgame 3200%CO
Nashua Chivalry 1100%MT
Naskra's Double 111100%CA
Nassau Square 122217%MT
Nataraja 1100%KY
Nates M 1100%MD
Nather 86563%PR
Native Chief Crown 111100%WV
Native Factor 27221867%MI
Native Fir 222100%FL
Native of Seattle 111100%BC
Native Regent 23221774%FL
Native Slew 1711741%WV
Native Storm 22121045%CA
Naturally Nicer 2000%NM
Naturals Grand 31133%TX
Navy Admiral 3000%CO
Near the Limit 43375%VA
Neat'n Foolish 111100%ID
Neff Lake 25000%SD
Negative 1000%FL
Negative Capital 41125%OH
Negotiate 1100%CA
Nelson 97667%LA
Nepal 61117%PA
Nerud 102220%ON
Net Asset 104440%BC
Never Bend Better 52120%TX
Never Shamed 111100%CO
Never Subtle 111100%CA
Never Wavering 444100%FL
New Regime 32267%ON
New Sovereign 21150%FL
New Way 17141482%OK
Newton's Law (IRE) 141414100%CA
Next Wave 1000%TX
Nias 2000%ON
Nice Horizon 41125%AB
Nice Walker 111100%ID
Nicholas 76457%KY
Nickle's Wind 63350%NJ
Nicklelobe 44375%WA
Niganithat 102220%KY
Night Beat 33113%TX
Night Ceremony 64350%OK
Night Fright 86450%NM
Night Runner 138754%IA
Night Visitor 3000%NY
Nightofthegaelics 87788%BC
Nightsong Quay 1000%VA
Nina's Boy 2000%TX
Nine Laughs 3000%WY
Nineeleven 23181357%CA
Niner Bush 74457%NE
Nines Wild 102110%NY
Nite Spot 1000%CA
Nitro Gold 1000%OK
No Bondage 222100%PA
No Budget 84338%LA
No Catch 6000%FL
No Marker 1000%BC
No Upper Limit 1000%TX
Noactor 18161583%FL
Nobelium 2200%LA
Noble Cat 109880%OH
Noble Houston 32267%MI
Noble Lyphard 63350%BC
Noble Savage (IRE) 128433%TX
Noblesse Oil 44375%PR
Noc Natural 1000%TX
Noholme's Best 1000%TX
Noknowmercy 4000%CO
Noon Prospect 157320%OH
Nooo Problema 1010880%IL
North Dallas 3000%OK
North Prospect 169531%MN
Northern Account 4000%SK
Northern Afleet 104797168%FL
Northern Andy 42125%ND
Northern Crook 1000%PA
Northern Decision 1000%AL
Northern Devil 179953%CA
Northern Display 43250%LA
Northern Horizon 1000%AB
Northern Jay 21150%OK
Northern Kick 1100%SK
Northern Niner 147536%LA
Northern Passage 111100%KY
Northern Presence 62233%BC
Northern Sleeper 22150%SK
Northern Spur (IRE) 1110764%KY
Northern Strike 42250%ON
Northern Supremo 111100%WA
Northern Symphony 61117%OH
Northern Trend 171717100%FL
Norway 5100%NM
Not Affordable 2100%LA
Not For Love 88745967%MD
Not Impossible (IRE) 20121155%ON
Not So Fast 123217%NE
Not Tricky 2918621%NM
Notable Cat 87444349%OK
Notebook 70544767%FL
Now Voyager 222100%CA
Nowi'veseenitall 222100%OH
Nowork all Play 33267%MO
Nozomie 51120%LA
Nucay 54360%OR
Numchuek 4000%WI
Numerous 98695556%NJ
Nunc Pro Tunc 92222%OH
Nunzio 43375%NY