Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
L. B. Damned 75457%KY
L. B. Jaklin 333100%CA
L. J. Express 21150%WA
La Avenger's Tip 111100%CO
La Danny Bella 5000%UT
La Pete 33267%MN
La Saboteur 29211552%WA
Laabity 127758%KY
Labeeb (GB) 50281836%KY
Labrador 42125%PR
Lac Ouimet 39282051%KY
Lacey Evitan 666100%CA
Lacotte (IRE) 55240%TX
Lad 83113%SC
Ladinos Bambino 3100%IN
Lady's Tramp 53360%BC
Laffer 222100%AR
Lago Mar 42250%TX
Lake Austin 34181338%FL
Lake George 24151458%CA
Lake Highlands 54360%TX
Lake Holme 22161150%LA
Lake Superior 64350%OH
Lakeshore Road 35251851%MN
Lanburg 1000%OK
Lancaster Avenue 1000%NC
Land On Go 111100%OH
Landing Zone 111100%WV
Langfuhr 109907266%KY
Laramie's Deputy 24151354%CA
Larrupin' 188633%MD
Larry the Legend 47282655%CA
Last Effort 111100%PR
Last Lion 36211953%CA
Lasting Approval 42191331%KY
Lasting Legacy 5000%AB
Lasting Legend 333100%NE
Late Act 105550%AR
Late Edition 555100%MN
Latin American 42333379%CA
Latin Dancer 2000%WY
Latin Reign 42125%MI
Latvia 2000%MB
Launch a Dream 102220%NM
Launch a Leader 96556%IN
Laurentide 54480%PR
Lazy Rutherford 21150%NM
Le Casque Gris 102220%IN
Le Dome (IRE) 53240%OK
Le Gosse 32133%NE
Le Grande Danseur 19171368%NM
Le Merle Blanc 1000%PA
Le Panache 31267%MN
Leading the Charge 33133%NJ
Leafy 126217%TX
Leah n Leah's Last 1100%IL
Lear Fan 65483858%KY
Leave Seattle 42125%MA
Lee's Badger 32267%KY
Leestown 89735865%LA
Left Banker 1311646%OH
Legacy of River 111100%TX
Legal Maneuver 64233%WV
Legend of Gold 1000%TX
Legend of Russia (GB) 21150%CA
Leggero 42250%CA
Lemon Drop 2000%IL
Lemon Drop Kid 1201099378%KY
Lenado Road 9000%AB
Lenox Road 21150%LA
Lens 55360%TX
Let Freedom Ride 1000%TX
Let Goodtimes Roll 75229%NY
Let Him Go 11000%IL
Let's Bet Blue 1000%BC
Let's Go Blue 95556%BC
Letthebattlebegin 61117%SD
Letthedreambegin 44375%OK
Level Sands 54240%KY
Level Shooter 1000%TN
Lexicon 50312550%FL
Liberalartsdiploma 42250%TX
Liberty Gold 35221954%WA
Liberty Valance 41125%FL
Life Interest 92222%KS
Light of Mine 138862%BC
Light of Morn 54240%FL
Light Picture 21150%CA
Lightning Al 109990%PR
Lightning Leap 52240%TX
Liginsky 139969%MO
Like a Soldier 28232175%LA
Lil E. Tee 37221951%KY
Lil Honcho 105330%TX
Lil Tyler 22161255%CA
Lil's Lad 23191357%KY
Limit Out 26211454%FL
Lin 4000%MT
Lindsey's Roberto 18171689%CA
Line Dance 88563%WA
Line In The Sand 98636061%FL
Linear 105220%TX
Lines of Power 222100%AR
Linkage 154320%VA
Links Ruler 4300%CO
Lion Cavern 61483862%KY
Lion Hearted 55413971%MD
Lit de Justice 17131165%KY
Lite the Fuse 81705568%FL
Literati 40125%CA
Little Missouri 55360%KY
Little Red Reb 444100%AR
Littlebitlively 59514068%FL
Live At the Met 111100%KY
Lived It Up 98667%OH
Llama Lover 64350%LA
Loach 3000%WV
Local Artist 13000%AZ
Logon Slew 32133%MT
Long Distance Lad 1000%MO
Long Drive 41125%KY
Longevity 1100%TX
Longliner 73343%IL
Looks Good to Me 75457%PA
Lord At Law 75571%PA
Lord Avie 2315939%KY
Lord Carlos 222100%PA
Lord Carson 81614758%KY
Lord Charmer 107770%WA
Lord Cromby (IRE) 41125%AB
Lord Franco (ARG) 21150%SC
Lord John 72114%NM
Lord Knight 111100%GA
Lord Lizard (ARG) 21150%SC
Lord of the Field (GB) 333100%AR
Lord Parham 53360%WV
Lord Wallace 32267%OH
Lordedoc 111100%FL
Lordhyexecutioner 66583%FL
Lost Opportunity 21161676%OK
Lost Soldier 97795658%FL
Lot o' Gold 31133%LA
Lot o' Rem 333100%IN
Lots to Avenge 4000%TX
Loui Bomacino 1000%GA
Louis Quatorze 179 (1)13912168%KY
Louisiana Slew 85563%CA
Lover's Trust 137646%AB
Loyal Double 1310969%CA
Loyal Pal 3100%VT
Lt. Harry 1000%LA
Luca Brazzi 333100%ND
Lucayan Prince 77686%CA
Luciano P. 91111%FL
Luck's Reality 111100%GA
Lucky Lionel 54443565%FL
Lucky North 23191565%FL
Lucky Number 32267%VA
Lucky Sec 42250%TX
Lucky So n' So 169850%TX
Lucky South 142214%MO
Luftikus 75473952%WV
Luhuk 43321944%KY
Lure 39301436%KY
Luv a Libra 3000%MI
Lycius 47332962%NY
Lyscent 1000%WA
Lytrump 87675%NE