Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
A Corking Limerick 66583%LA
A Firm Seven 55360%NV
A H Heaven Sent 222100%FL
A Lee Rover 51120%IL
A Man of Class 1712953%CO
A P Valentine 60501932%KY
A. J. Appleseed 111100%FL
A. P Jet 83605465%NY
A. V. Eight 2911828%AR
A.P. Indy 96918083%KY
Aaron the Hat 444100%AL
Aaron's Concorde 62117%MD
Aaron's Gold 74343%VA
Abaginone 21151362%NY
Abahazy 111100%MI
Abbadabbadubai 51120%TX
Able Buck 32267%TX
Abou El Abed 62233%PR
Abraxas Possession 1100%TX
Absent Russian 1000%FL
Abstract 46261941%OR
Academy Award 48261940%OH
Academyawardwinner 52240%AB
Acallade 5000%IA
Acaroid 86563%IA
Acceptable 23201670%KY
Accoustical 31133%NM
Ace Eyes 32267%PA
Acecho (IRE) 82225%OH
Ack's Gold 3000%NM
Acquitted 1100%WA
Act Bigger 111100%CA
Act Smart 1412750%MB
Activist 168744%PA
Adam K. 21150%VA
Adams Trail 1910737%NM
Adcat 114694943%FL
Adhocracy 108550%FL
Adios Mundo 1711953%NM
Adios My Friend 15131280%NY
Admiral Indy 11300%KS
Adonis 30161447%NY
Advancing Ensign 1100%ID
Adventure Road 1610638%WA
Advocate Training 3200%TX
Aegean's Bolger 2000%CA
Afleet Prince 21150%MD
Afleetknowsasecret 7000%PA
Afternoon Deelites 82654859%KY
Aggie Southpaw 17141271%TX
Aggressive Chief 1000%KY
Agitated Warrior 111100%CA
Ago 228523%OH
Agressive Hawk 2000%NM
Aguilucho (CHI) 21150%KY
Aide Memoire 54480%WY
Air Force Wins 42250%AZ
Airdrie Apache 21181886%OR
Akado 105440%MB
Akram 6300%VA
Al Sabin 105330%OH
Alabama Jazz 111100%NM
Alamo Bandit 32267%OK
Alamocitos 196526%OK
Alaskan Frost 39232051%IL
Alawal 32133%TX
Albadou 21150%ON
Albert the Great 103 (1)877472%KY
Albright Avenue 64467%UT
Aledo 139646%NM
Alezan Dancer 43375%PR
Alfaari 25161560%BC
Ali Afire 1000%WA
Ali Gaziba 144214%IN
Aljabr 60503457%KY
All Gone 1110764%NY
All of a Sudden 2000%IA
All Storm 76686%OK
All Thee Power 1413857%CA
Alladin Rib 108660%OH
Allawinir 31133%NY
Alleged Account 2000%TN
Alleged Stardom 98778%TX
Allen Charge 24111146%IL
Allen Gorgeous 86675%OH
Allen's Alydar 4000%KY
Allen's Prospect 102856261%MD
Allornotatall 1000%MS
Almost Accurate 111100%NV
Almost Lost 1000%IN
Alnaab 27171348%NM
Alohi 1000%OK
Alota Gator Bait 75571%OH
Alphabet Soup 38332668%KY
Als Skeeter 111100%FL
Alster 12111083%MD
Altazarr 92222%WA
Aly Dark 3000%CA
Aly Galore 53360%NY
Aly Val 111100%LA
Alybenbo 111100%CO
Alybro 91111%BC
Alydarmer 63233%CO
Alydeed 58434069%ON
Alydot 43125%OK
Alyfoe 10100%NE
Alyheart 111100%CA
Alyhuista 222100%NM
Alymagic 64467%CA
Alymah 2200%ID
Alymaine 222100%KY
Alyone 2000%SD
Alytap 1000%NY
Alyten 6000%PA
Amaruk 31133%BC
Amazing Sulton 1000%BC
Ambivalent 2000%CA
Ameri Valay 107770%MD
American Brass 87675%TX
American Champ 2110838%TX
American Chance 23211774%NY
American Day 65583%CA
American General 98222%AR
American Minstrel 2000%CA
American Promise 83113%CO
American Standard 118655%NY
American Tribute 167531%MO
Amerrico's Bullet 52120%MD
Amigo Menor (IRE) 85675%AZ
Amijaw 3100%OR
Ancient Oaks 21150%WA
Ancient Quest 96444%TX
Andean Chasqui 111100%TX
Anees 70584767%KY
Anet 36282467%KY
Annihilate 65467%ON
Anniversary M. 42250%TX
Announce 41282459%KY
Annual Tradition 107440%CO
Another Freespirit 32133%LA
Another Good Deed 63233%IA
Another Reef 222100%MD
Anotherbuckforbcee 1000%KY
Anxious Otto 1000%IL
Anziyan 52433160%CA
Apache Company 222100%LA
Apollo 22141359%CA
Appeal for Justice 3000%IA
Appealing Guy 2000%FL
Appealing Skier 52373465%MD
Aptitude 1331139571%KY
Aquarian Prince 85563%PA
Araby Ace 3300%OK
Aramus 44375%KY
Arch 58524679%KY
Archers Bay 34322882%ON
Arctic Blitz 5000%SK
Arctic Native 1000%MD
Ares Vallis 7000%AB
Aristotle 23131357%NY
Arky Native 22150%AR
Armada 42125%IN
Armed Escort 21150%OR
Arms and the Man 222100%MD
Arrested 159960%FL
Arrived (FR) 3000%VA
Arroyo 212100%FL
Artax 93625155%KY
Arthur L. 62233%CA
Arthur's Way 111100%OH
Artic Chill 75229%OH
Artic Twister 3000%AB
Arts and Toys 5000%KY
Arz 555100%IA
As the Bell Tolls 63350%WA
Asabashi 21150%TX
Ascension 6000%ID
Ascot Knight 60484067%ON
Ashbury 20171365%ON
Asimov 52240%MB
Askmeificare 1100%WI
Askmewatithink 1100%WI
Askmewhy 63350%CA
Aspen Prospector 1000%CO
Assault Cat 236626%TX
Assembly Dancer 33267%IN
Astra Diamond 1000%WA
Astral Wood 7300%LA
At Full Feather 14417%TX
At the Flood 1000%ON
Athlon 4000%TN
Attaway to Go 21150%OH
Atticus 29251655%KY
Attorney 19101053%PA
Audited 1000%NJ
Austin Powers (IRE) 75457%KY
Austinpower (JPN) 1513960%KY
Autocracy 1810950%LA
Avalli 15100%IN
Avenge 222100%PR
Avenue of Flags 26171454%CA
Avies Copy 104110%OK
Awad 28201761%MD
Awesome Again 80777088%KY
Awesome Cat 40191538%IL
Awfully Red 2000%TX
Axebandit 2000%OK
Aztec Native 64467%TX
Aztec Two 3000%TX