Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
T. G. Millennium 32267%VA
T. H. Fappiano 137538%IN
T. K. Chance 111100%SK
T. U. Slew 1100%ID
T. V. Alliance 21150%PA
T. V. Wizard 1000%PA
Tabib 91111%SD
Tabledancinpyrite 2000%AZ
Taconic Road 64467%OK
Tactical Advantage 61423557%FL
Tactical Cat 77634862%KY
Tactical Heir 1010220%CA
Tagish 32133%WV
Tahoe (FR) 1010110%VA
Tahoe City 17101059%CA
Tail Toss 21150%UT
Taj Alriyadh 74343%WA
Take Me Out 54373361%NY
Takur 1510960%MN
Tale of the Cat 107957368%KY
Talk O Slew 5400%OK
Talkin Man 1512747%ON
Tam's Armada 62233%MD
Tamayaz 17151482%MD
Tamhid 98444%PR
Tamourad 4000%WA
Tandem 111100%NM
Tank 31211961%WV
Tank's Glory 3000%TX
Tank's Number 15121280%NY
Tanveer 111100%CA
Tanyosho 3000%CA
Tap N Snap 2213836%NM
Tara's Time (NZ) 3000%CA
Tarakam 26131038%OK
Tarr Road 4000%OK
Tartarus 1000%TX
Taskmaster 76343%CA
Tatibah (IRE) 4400%MD
Tatsfield (IRE) 2200%NE
Tattinger 1000%TN
Tatum Canyon 65233%AZ
Tax Amour 21150%KY
Tax Appeal 1000%WI
Tax Collection 1413750%AZ
Taylor 31133%BC
Taylor's Crane 111100%TX
Taylor's Share 222100%VA
Taylor's Special 204210%WA
Tejabo 76686%ON
Tejano Red 74343%ON
Tejano Run 65473046%KY
Tella Fib 21150%MT
Temperence Two 111100%AB
Temple Special 111100%CO
Tempolake 31133%ON
Temujin 1610638%IA
Ten Sins 74343%LA
Ten Star Fleet 72229%WV
Tenagain 51120%MO
Tepee Creek 66467%CO
Terry's Gray 1000%IN
Tethra 47141226%ON
Texas City 43241433%TX
Texas Fuel 222100%IN
Texas Heatwave 33133%TX
Texas Road Runner 42125%ND
Texas Terror 77686%TX
Thank the Bank 83225%LA
That's a Nice 63233%FL
Thats Our Buck 79534253%FL
The Axe Falls 43375%LA
The Corps 22150%IN
The Danzig Kid 148857%NV
The Deputy (IRE) 86604451%KY
The Good Life 17111059%CA
The Great Carl 111100%SK
The Great Prize 111100%PR
The Jandy Man 111100%CA
The Kinneman Edge 2200%WI
The L S G Special 1000%ID
The Last Like 33267%TX
The Name's Jimmy 49301837%KY
The Prime Minister 30261757%TX
The Red Rolls 62233%OH
The Rufus 44375%CO
The Silver Move 26 (1)191454%FL
The Twain 4000%CA
The Wicked North 2412938%NY
Theatrical (IRE) 78684659%KY
Thedreams Cometrue 111100%VA
Thill a Sec 44375%WY
Thingamajig 4000%OK
This Bulls for You 32133%PA
This Picture 34141338%AR
Thisjudgeisaprinc 64233%AR
Thisnearlywasmine 137431%FL
Thorn Dance 43250%CA
Thousand Ores 52240%KY
Three Royal K's 1000%ID
Thrice Excalibur 1000%BC
Thriller 51120%NY
Throw Down 64467%TX
Thug 41125%FL
Thuggy 111100%AR
Thunder Falcon 10000%UT
Thunder Gulch 21618213362%KY
Thunder Puddles 63350%NY
Thunder Rumble 86450%VA
Thunder Thumper 1000%CO
Thunder Within 43375%BC
Thunderah 1413857%ID
Ti Omie 21150%MT
Ti Valley 73343%OK
Tibrack 96667%ON
Tidehaven 1010550%WV
Tiffany Ice 127650%OR
Tiger Ridge 110886761%FL
Tiger Star 1100%IL
Tiger Talk 13131185%IA
Tiger Tiger 44375%AR
Tiger's Finest 4000%KY
Time After Time 2000%PA
Time Bandit 30211757%FL
Time Capsule 2000%WI
Time for a Dance 2000%NC
Timeless Native 111100%CA
Timely Roberto 42250%TX
Tingle Tern 2000%NY
Tinners Way 22171777%CA
Tirade 129975%LA
Tiz Sly 32267%CA
To a Wild Kris 32267%TX
To the Inch 1000%AZ
To the Line Magus 111100%LA
Tobi D 3000%MT
Tobycapote 2100%OR
Toddy T. 2000%OH
Toll Key 42250%PR
Tom Cobbley 52240%VA
Tom Cruiser 44375%CA
Tommy's World 4000%WY
Tomorrow's Slew 82225%WA
Tomorrows Cat 102826463%NY
Tonga Boy 21150%CA
Toolighttoquit 22211673%FL
Toot'n Tudor 2000%NM
Top Account 63413048%FL
Top Figure (ARG) 2200%VA
Top Gear 111100%OH
Top Secret Formula 74343%AB
Top Villa 41125%CO
Torcher 43250%OH
Torey Ridge 155427%KS
Toronto Ridge 222100%ON
Torontonian 63350%OK
Torrential 31221548%KY
Tory Hole 64467%TX
Tossofthecoin 75457%CA
Total Reality 1000%MD
Totem and Taboo 138754%TX
Touch Gold 94856367%KY
Tough Call 146536%KY
Tough Knight 25161456%WA
Toughness 21150%CA
Tour d'Or 73585271%FL
Touring Dancer 999100%TX
Town Caper 31271961%CA
Toy Sargeant 4000%OK
Track Barron 1712635%OK
Track Rebel 96444%LA
Tracys' Unicorn 55240%MI
Traffic Zack 1000%PA
Trail City 52413873%CA
Traitor 33261958%FL
Trancus 19121053%TX
Transworld 76343%CO
Trapeze Dancer 4000%BC
Trapp Mountain 148643%TX
Trask 21150%OR
Treasure Cove 30221963%NY
Tree 14121179%NJ
Treetopper 2000%TX
Tres Hombres 53360%AB
Tresor du Mesnil (FR) 53360%CA
Tri for the Gold 2000%PA
Tri Four Us 1000%NC
Tri Line 128867%NY
Tribal Unity 2000%OR
Trick Me 75571%NY
Tricky Creek 21161257%CA
Tricky Fun 15121067%NM
Tricky Mister 1710635%PA
Tricky Six 84338%AR
Tricky Tab 2000%NC
Tricky Tower 222100%UT
Tricolor 72114%IN
Tricon 249833%IN
Tricuit 2100%TX
Trident 222100%CA
Troglodyte 111100%ON
Trophy Hunter 49333061%LA
Tropic Lightning 23151252%WA
Troppo 2000%
Trouble Onthe Line 1010550%OK
Troublesome Road 4400%AL
Truce Maker 1813950%AZ
Truckee 51473976%CA
Truculent Schular 30191550%WV
Trudeau 1000%LA
True Confidence 39342872%OR
Truluck 33171442%TX
Truly Met 164213%CA
Truman C. 33267%WY
Trump an Ace 44125%IA
Trust and Respect 43250%OR
Trust No Lawyer 2100%AR
Trust the Kid 111100%NE
Try the Sky 3000%FL
Tuck's Honey Bear 111100%LA
Tudor Supreme 1000%ND
Tuesday's Special 17111165%TX
Tuggles 111100%AZ
Tulsa War Hero 1000%OK
Tunbridge Wells 65233%NY
Turbulant World 111100%NM
Turbulent Kris 176635%BC
Tureen of Gold 21150%PA
Turkey Trot 111100%PA
Turkodancer 111100%OK
Turkoman 74554155%CA
Turkomatic 1000%UT
Turkonoir 22150%LA
Turn Out 31133%KY
Turn West 107550%VA
Turnberry 2100%ND
Turnitintagold 1000%VI
Tuxedo Suit 33267%OR
Twice Burned 21150%KS
Twice Friends 54360%FL
Twice Rumored 61117%NY
Twilight Agenda 44282045%TX
Twin Bridges 6000%WV
Twin Halo 1010770%FL
Twin Rocket Power 52240%TX
Twin Spires 57484782%CA
Two Davids 64467%PA
Two Halves 111100%AZ
Two Plus 14000%PA
Two Punch 86765362%MD
Two Smart 19131263%VA
Two's a Plenty 3100%FL
Tychonic (GB) 56383257%CA
Tyler Jennings 3000%IL
Tyler Wayne 66467%TX
Tyrant's Trial 53240%PA