Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
D. C. Tenacious 126542%IN
D. J. Cat 22161359%FL
Dac Account 2100%IN
Daddy Bish 55360%OK
Daddy Watch 4000%MI
Daily Ballot 22150%IL
Dakota Pride 43375%LA
Dakotas Bold 111100%TX
Dam Handsome 333100%WV
Damone 1000%WA
Dance At Dinner 222100%WA
Dance Brightly 94725255%KY
Dance Centre 444100%AZ
Dance Floor 64544875%CA
Dance Like Fire 4000%KY
Dance Master 32272063%FL
Dance the Tarleton 41125%SC
Dancebel (GB) 1000%CA
Dancer's Bo Jin 22150%AB
Dancer's Boots 1000%FL
Dancer's Ghost 52240%TX
Dancing Crown 33133%TX
Dancing Glamour 74229%FL
Dancing Harlan 23161043%LA
Dancing Pirate 222100%CA
Dancing Torch 2000%UT
Dancingintheshower 2000%AZ
Dancinwiththedevil 97667%MD
Dandy's Best 111100%TX
Dandy's Secret 3100%IL
Danish Gold 21150%VA
Daniyar 3000%CA
Danjur 51383263%OR
Danotable 75571%TX
Dansil 7000%CO
Dantesque (IRE) 66467%AL
Danton 52240%KS
Danzatame 41272459%NY
Danzatore 26151246%NM
Danzig 48443879%KY
Dapper's Attache 43250%FL
Darby Creek Lance 44375%KY
Dare and Go 48261633%KY
Dare to Tap 2000%MD
Dargai 76571%MB
Dark Feather 2000%NM
Dark Hyacinth 1211975%MO
Dark Mystery 73343%PA
Darn That Alarm 18131161%FL
Dash Ahead 108660%CO
Dash for Cash 33133%MT
Dashing Lad 2000%OK
Dashing Writer 32267%WA
Daufuskie Pirate 65467%IN
Dave and Busters 99889%IL
Dave's Man 2000%BC
Dave's Reality 54480%WA
Davenport 111100%FL
David 13111077%FL
Dawn Flight 111100%OK
Dawn of Creation 222100%TX
Dawn Quixote 1610850%FL
Dawning Spirit 333100%TX
Daygata 1510853%NY
Dayjur 23201565%KY
Daylight Savings 86563%MI
Daytime Dancer 51120%NM
Dazzling Falls 87225%IA
De Braak 42125%OK
De Fuzzy 63233%OK
De Guerin 2419729%IA
De Hero 31133%OH
De March 1000%NM
De Niro 54332444%PA
Deadman's Curve 3000%FL
Deal an Ace 222100%OK
Deamon's Pouch 52240%LA
Dean Dill 43375%CA
Dearborn 31133%KY
Dearest Doctor 2000%MI
Debut 1000%OH
Decadent 222100%WI
Dee Lance 1510640%NM
Deep Saline 4000%LA
Deerhound 21181152%KY
Defender 63350%UT
Defense Witness 2017840%OH
Defensive Bid 98778%OK
Defensive Play 1511427%KY
Defrere 34251750%KY
Delineator 19181789%WA
Delinsky 54360%AZ
Delivermore 66583%PR
Delta Demon 88563%UT
Delta Wolf 55360%AR
Demaloot Demashoot 37302465%MI
Demidoff 3622719%KY
Demon's Crown 10000%CA
Demon's Revenge 52120%LA
Demons Begone 40322460%WA
Denouncer 74457%IL
Deodar 2115838%OK
Deposit Ticket 41322766%PA
Deputed Testamony 15111067%MD
Deputy Bodman 13121292%AB
Deputy Chief 111100%AL
Deputy Commander 73584764%KY
Deputy Diamond 67555075%LA
Deputy John 41125%CA
Deputy Minister 87755361%KY
Deputy Plan 111100%AB
Deputy Regent 33267%AB
Deputy Slew 86675%IA
Der Rosenkavalier 32267%CA
Derby Wish 75343%LA
Desert Classic 75343%CA
Desert God 1612956%NM
Desert Rival 97556%AZ
Desert Royalty 77571%TX
Desert Secret (IRE) 16121063%CA
Desert Wildcat 31133%TX
Desert Wine 235522%WA
Desperately 1511747%AB
Destiny's Gate 111100%AB
Detective Greer 22150%AZ
Detox 20181470%WA
Devil Begone 54413259%NM
Devil Diamond 18131372%NM
Devil His Due 1251048165%KY
Devil On Ice 189844%BC
Devil Power 32267%KY
Devil's Account 111100%MN
Devil's Bag 64554672%KY
Devil's Canyon 41125%MT
Devil's Cry 53240%LA
Devil's Deal 82113%TX
Devil's Delight 71114%PA
Devil's Flame 1000%AB
Devil's Joy 64467%IN
Devil's Luck 135431%OH
Devil's Rock 227732%TX
Devil's Share 2100%WV
Devil's Walk 111100%CA
Devilfish 32133%SD
Devious Course 21171571%TX
Devon Lane 52413669%CA
Devonwood 44363170%AB
Devoted to Me 4100%MS
Dewdle's Dancer 95333%IN
Dewie Stride 21150%OR
Diablo's Ridge 2000%TX
Diamond 57443561%MD
Diamond Bill 333100%MO
Diamond Drill 64467%UT
Diamond for King (FR) 111100%CA
Diamond K. K. 2000%TX
Diamond Sword 3000%BC
Diazo 31252065%IL
Dickerson 65467%IA
Dickerson's Gold 44125%CA
Dickie's C. D. 2000%MD
Diego Diablo (MEX) 32267%PR
Diesis (GB) 84725565%KY
Digamist 1413964%PA
Digging In 16101063%NM
Dignitas 2013945%IA
Dilatado (CHI) 1000%CO
Diligence 43302660%FL
Din's Dancer 44363375%CA
Dinero Caliente 1000%TX
Diogenes 116655%TX
Diplomatic Jet 84450%FL
Diplomatic Note 63233%BC
Direct Hit 28221864%LA
Disciple 91111%LA
Discos My Name 2000%TX
Discover 13131077%CA
Dismissed 222100%ID
Disruptor's Image 1000%NM
Distant View 82 (1)624454%KY
Distinct Smile 1000%OK
Distinctive Ben 32267%FL
Distinctive Cat 41322971%CA
Distinctive Pro 57464274%NY
Distorted Humor 95755356%KY
Divine Anointed 1100%AR
Divine Series 2000%AZ
Dixi Man 44125%OK
Dixie Brass 55463665%NY
Dixie Dancer 55480%MO
Dixie Jazz Band 1100%TX
Dixie Power 108660%FL
Dixie Road 111100%MN
Dixie Union 84735161%KY
Dixieland Band 82694859%KY
Dixieland Brass 33282267%BC
Dixieland Glo 184211%WA
Dixieland Heat 64472742%KY
Dixieland Sham 5400%TX
Dmitri 11000%TX
Doc Greeley 444100%KY
Doc's Leader 22150%KY
Doctor Roy A. 65583%NM
Dollar Chili 111100%IL
Domasca Dan 54360%ON
Dome Mountain 1000%TX
Domic 333100%ON
Dominant 5000%OK
Dominated 22150%NY
Dominated Debut 178847%CA
Don Goyo 83225%TX
Don Guido 44250%PR
Don Serafin 12118%PR
Don't Frisk Me Now 21150%CA
Don't Hesitate 111100%IL
Doneraile Court 95704648%KY
Dontletthebigonego 64233%NY
Doppler 124433%TN
Dot's Silver B. 2000%TX
Double Concorde 1000%PA
Double D. Slew 31133%OH
Double Diamond 1100%CA
Double Helping 32267%VA
Double Honor 101737170%FL
Double Leader 53360%AL
Double Niner 1910947%IL
Double Quote 1100%ID
Double Tuff Slew 32133%CO
Doug's My Doc 1010660%LA
Doughboy 3000%TX
Dove Hunt 35211749%FL
Down the Aisle 59352644%KY
Downtown Seattle 43375%CA
Dr J 76571%NY
Dr. Adagio 14101071%ON
Dr. Best 33267%MD
Dr. Castetter 31133%NM
Dr. Caton 52393160%FL
Dr. Dan Eyes 43250%ID
Dr. Danzig 96333%IA
Dr. Dave 3200%IL
Dr. Fagan 43125%MO
Dr. Giggles 83225%CA
Dr. Greenberg 43375%IL
Dr. Hoops 1000%IN
Dr. John's Queen 2000%IN
Dr. Messina 93333%CO
Dr. New 31133%BC
Dr. Root 75571%CA
Dr. Sprad 1000%TX
Dr. Victoria (MEX) 32267%TX
Dramatic Irony 22150%IN
Dream Valley 2100%OK
Dreamfield 1612744%OK
Dressed Up James 1000%CA
Drifter M 1000%TX
Droopy Stone 21150%MI
Drumboogie 1000%WA
Dry Gulch 1100%NM
Dubba Chek 2000%MA
Dubious Connection 44125%BC
Duluth 111100%NS
Dumaani 27211348%KY
Duncan 1000%WV
Dunsmuir 222100%TX
Dusty Screen 1913947%KY
Duty Officer 7000%FL
Duxster 73114%OK
Dynaformer 98 (1)795758%KY