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Thursday, January 19, 2006Contact: Bob Curran Jr. (212) 521-5326
Equibase Adds TrackMaster Track Bias and
Performance Cycles Lite Reports to

Equibase Company LLC, the Thoroughbred industry’s Official database for racing information, today announced the addition of TrackMaster® Track Bias and Performance Cycles Lite reports to the “Handicapper’s Store” on

Track Bias reports provide a snapshot of the bias trends of the winners for the last four racing days at a track, as well as profiles of successful running styles at the track over the past year. Performance Cycles Lite is an abbreviated version of the popular TrackMaster Performance Cycles report and contains up to four composite Performance Ratings for each horse as well as the projected order of finish for all races on the card based on each horse’s expected Performance Rating.

“The Track Bias reports give handicappers a decided edge in figuring out the current and traditional biases of individual tracks in order to help them identify which horses on the card are likely to be advantaged by their running style or post position,” said TrackMaster chief executive officer David Siegel. “Meanwhile, Performance Cycles Lite provides proprietary predictive indicators for those who do not need quite the level of detail of the full Performance Cycles report.”

The Track Bias reports and Performance Cycles Lite are available for purchase on an individual basis as well as via subscription. Equibase has also announced that two additional TrackMaster handicapping products offered on -- Performance Cycles and FlashNet -- are now also available via subscription pricing.

Performance Cycles is a high-end handicapping report that plots proprietary Performance Ratings earned by a horse in its previous races onto one- and four-year graphs in order to provide a visual depiction of each horse’s performance history and insights into how each is likely to perform in today’s race. FlashNet provides the Equibase® Speed and Pace Figure, Equibase Class Rating and TrackMaster Power Rating for each horse in the race and compares other key handicapping statistics.

Track Bias reports, Performance Cycles, Performance Cycles Lite and FlashNet were all developed by TrackMaster, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Equibase and a leading provider of electronic handicapping data for the major racing breeds through its web site,

Equibase Company LLC is a partnership between The Jockey Club and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations of North America. Through its web site,, the Company provides an ever-increasing menu of handicapping products and racing information for handicappers and fans of all skill levels.